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November:  ALABGS Reservation Packet is mailed to sponsors, which includes: a letter to the ALABGS Chairman, a brochure, a Timetable, a Reservation Form and a sample copy of the high school’s promotional (informational) packet.


November:  A promotional packet is mailed to high schools, which includes letters to the Principal/School Counselor, a Brochure, a Poster and the Prospective Delegate selection form (a sample of the school mailing is included in this packet).  

January 31: Deadline for the reservation form along with fee. 


February:  Registration material is sent to (sponsored) high schools.  

2024 Session Information for Delegates:  Accessible (after February) - this online material provides complete session details and all required forms.

  • Delegates WILL NOT get packets mailed to their homes – if they don’t have internet access at home, they should ask their counselors to print the information for them.  If they have questions or problems, they should contact headquarters for assistance.

March/April:  It is recommended for Delegate(s)/Alternate(s) to view either the pre-recorded Orientation presentation or participate in a live (zoom) Orientation. Parents, school personnel as well as sponsors are encouraged to view the orientation video.

April 1:  Delegates and Alternates must complete online registration. 

May 15:  ABSOLUTE FINAL DAY FOR ACCEPTING NEW DELEGATE FEES/RESERVATIONS. Reservation forms and fees received after this date will be returned to the sender.


May/June: CONTACT YOUR DELEGATE WITHIN TWO TO FOUR WEEKS OF SESSION – remind her of the session dates, verify she’s still planning to attend and ask her if she has any questions regarding the program.  This is the best way to make sure your delegate(s) is still your delegate.  


Sponsors will be contacted if their delegate fails to report on registration day - Sunday, June 16th.


The importance of communication cannot be emphasized enough – from sponsors to the school – school to the students – students and schools to sponsors – it’s a continuous circle of communication.


Communicate . . . communicate . . . communicate . . .

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