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June 16-21, 2024

University of Wisconsin - Oshkosh

Government & Leadership Conference

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American Legion Auxiliary Badger Girls State (ALABGS), a program sponsored by the American Legion Auxiliary,  is a week-long government and leadership conference for young women in their junior year of high school.  ALABGS should not be confused with recreational or sport programs.

ALABGS is a practical civics conference that allows students to learn about state government by actively participating in it.  Attendees of the program will learn by doing as they become citizens of a mythical fifty-first state, the state of Badger, and will function according to the laws of the State of Wisconsin.  

Delegates reside in cities and elect officials and create laws within the city. Two cities form a county, and a similar process of electing officials and adopting laws occurs.  Delegates also have an active role in writing and debating party platforms for which the constitutional officers stand, attending bill hearings, and other patriotic experiences including a flag disposal ceremony and presentation of blue star banners to military families.  Every girl is encouraged to participate in some level of the governmental process

Each day will focus on the various aspects of state government and the American Legion Auxiliary's mission of "God & Country" which includes occasional non-denominational prayers and the Pledge of Allegiance.

The ALA and American Legion family (American Legion Posts/Sons of the American Legion squadrons & American Legion Riders districts) are sponsors and pay the tuition fee for a delegate to attend session.  Contributors such as civic organizations, service clubs, businesses and school groups can help support the program by paying all or part of a citizen's tuition. 


  • To prepare girls of high school age in Wisconsin for citizenship in a modern world where government touches their lives in many different ways.

  • To teach the principles of democracy in a representative government.

  • To provide an opportunity for living together as self-governing citizens, sharing experiences that demonstrate the duties, privileges and responsibilities of a good citizen.

  • To instill a love of country and a desire to preserve the fundamental features of our form of government as founded by our ancestors.

​Individuals interested in becoming a delegate should speak to their high school counselor. 

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updated March 27, 2024

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