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Delegates & Alternates

Before Session - Here you will find all the information you will need to review before you come to ALABGS, including paperwork, health forms, etc.


Orientation: watch (pre recorded) Orientation presentation or participate in a live (zoom) Orientation.  Dates and times can be found on the Orientation info page.  

What to Bring - Here you will find the dress code and packing suggestions for the ALABGS Session.

Sample Schedule - Here you will see a sample of an average day during the ALABGS Session.

Interest Groups - Here you will find descriptions of the interest groups offered at ALABGS. When you register you will indicate your preference.  Delegates will find out which interest group they are assigned to in the first week of June.


Running for office - information on running for City, Party, County, Senate & State Constitutional office.

Reference Links - Here you will find extra information to help prepare you for the ALABGS Session.

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