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Senate & Assembly Offices

Elected Senate and Assembly Offices and Descriptions

Timeline for Elections:

Nominations: Monday at 1:00 pm
​Elections: Monday at 4:30 pm

Representatives (28 Assembly Districts):
One of the ruling bodies for ALABGS to enact state laws.

Senators (14 Senate Districts):
One of the ruling bodies for ALABGS to enact state laws.

Senate and Assembly Organization:
After election returns are announced the senators and representatives meet to organize. First, Party Caucuses are held and each party chooses a floor leader who acts in the legislature as the chair of party activities. Each party in the Assembly chooses a candidate for Assembly Speaker. In the Senate, each party chooses a candidate for Senate President. The bills on hand are gone over and a party position may be established, and new bills are suggested and written.
In the opening session of the Assembly and Senate, as a special order of business, officers are elected  a Speaker and a Speaker Pro Tem of the Assembly and a President of the Senate. The Senate also elects 3 of its members to its Committee on Committees. Other offices (Chief Clerk, Sergeant at Arms, Assistant Clerk, Chaplain, messengers and pages) are appointed by the Counselor. These officials (1) adopt a set of rules, (2) accept certain seating arrangements, (3) notify the Governor and the other legislative body that the Senate (or Assembly) is organized. Then, bills are introduced, some in the Senate and some in the Assembly. In each house these bills are "read" by the Clerk, then assigned to a committee.

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