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County Offices

Elected County Offices and Descriptions

Timeline for Elections:

Nominations: Monday at 1:00 pm
Elections: Monday at 9:30 pm

County Executive (non-partisan):
Responsible for the overall administration and management of the county; preparing and submitting county budget to the County Board; makes appointments to boards, commissions and committees; and appoints, supervises, presents a report to the county board on the condition of the county finances and programs; has the power to veto any action taken by the county board including line-item veto over the budget or other actions containing appropriations. The executive must be granted permission or be invited to address the county board and is not included in debates.

County Clerk:
Secretary to the County Board. At all meetings, takes roll call of county officials, county supervisors and committees as directed by the county board chairman. Records and keeps minutes of all proceedings of the County Board. Records petitions, resolutions and decisions on all questions brought before the County Board. Records every resolution adopted, order passed and ordinance enacted. 

County Treasurer: 
Custodian of county funds. Keeps a true and accurate record of the receipt and expenditure of all funds processed by the Treasurer’s Office. Transmits to the State Treasurer a statement along with all money collected for licenses, fines, penalties, taxes or for any other reason that are duly collected from citizens on a voluntary basis for the American Legion Auxiliary Badger Girls State Scholarship Fund. 

Clerk of Court:     
Prepares court calendar and notices, schedules court cases; administers oaths to witnesses; swearing in of jurors for jury trials; takes minutes of court proceedings; collects and disburses fines, bail, alimony and support payments. Is responsible for handling all documents related to the work of the courts. 

Register of Deeds:
This office registers, indexes and files all marriages, deaths and births occurring in the county; records articles of incorporations, firm names, general partnerships and related documents that are required to be recorded; file, index and maintain military discharges, prepares certified copies for securing military benefits. Performs notary acts as requested and appropriate.
District Attorney:
Prosecutor for crimes committed in the county; acts as legal advisor for the county duties include the prosecution of state criminal matters, felonies, and misdemeanors, as well as state and county forfeiture actions, including violations of the traffic code. Other functions include establishing and enforcing child support obligations and maintaining a Victim-Witness Support program.

Is the chief law enforcement officer in the County; is responsible for maintaining order at all county meetings, the operation of the jail and the work release center, assists at county hearings, is the process server for the county and provides bailiffs and court aids to the county courts. Responds to all emergency and criminal complaints and conducts criminal investigation. 
Investigates any death which appears to have resulted from unusual, unexplained or suspicious circumstance or for which a physician is not present to sign a death certificate, in order to determine the manner and cause and fix responsibility for the death, and when necessary establish identification. Testifies at inquests, hearings and court trials; orders and attends postmortems; notifies and counsels next of kin; examines and collects physical evidence to determine cause of death; issues death certificates and cremation permits; prepares news releases.

Oversees drawing the county map with information received from the Parks and Open Spaces Commission for locations of parks and open spaces and information from the Highway Commission of designated roads and highways to be included on the county map. Confers with city assessors and surveyors for locations of subdivisions or special lands that should be identified on the county map.     

Circuit Judge (non-partisan):   
Presides over court trials with a jury consisting of 6 to 12 persons. Five-sixths of the jury must agree on the verdict, then the judge decides the judgment. The jury’s verdict must be unanimous to convict or free the defendant. 
8 county board supervisors (non-partisan):
As a member of the County Board of Supervisors, is responsible for running the County Government. Represents the citizens in their city ward; passes ordinances (laws) and resolutions by voting to accept or reject proposed ordinances and resolutions; hears petitions presented to the Board of Supervisors; serves on a commission; votes on the budget and any other business brought before the County Board at the County meetings. 

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